World of Geb

The Story So Far...
Prologue, Game sessions 1 and 2

The Kingdom of Deresûll has endured an uprising of the knights and lords of Ellesûll- men demanding their independance. Winter passed, and with the coming of Spring the Royal army of Deresûll descended and brought the rebellion to a swift end. It is now the height of Summer, and royal troops are still scattered across Ellesûll, some waiting to make the journey home and others as garrissons against a rebel resurgence.

With the armies away for many months, banditry and monstrous incursions in the rest of Deresûll have risen, though for daring adventurers, this is merely opportunity…

Game One
The party (Mertis, Gatita, Keta and Lamb Shank) heard the call of a quest to recover a cache of Gold in eastern Deresûll. As they were dispersed amongst the southern Broken Isles, they made their way by sea to Ellesûll, the largest of the islands, and closest link to the mainland Port Fauchard – the recruiting point of their quest.

Meeting up and making each others aquaintences, the first of the party met in the western Ellesûll town of Riftport, expecting passage aboard a trading cog (the Ogre’s Belly) directly to Port Fauchard.

Things were not so simple, however, as the ship’s captain was murdered before they could even set sail. The party endeavoured to find the culprit, and after much investigation (and shenanigans) did so. Yet, this was to no avail as their efforts had been uncovered and the man they sought struck at them, supported by his fellows. While the party killed the majority of their foes, they were soundly beaten into unconciousness, with Mertis fleeing into the sea and Lamb Shank meeting his demise in a pool of blood.

Game Two
With no justice or vengeance achieved, the party chose to leave Torach Orsh fleeing Ellesûll, and themselves continue to Port Fauchard. They were joined by three more adventurers (Rurbin, Ludwig and -). The voyage proved uneventful, and arrived in Port Fauchard safely. Meeting with lord Danekal they secured their roles helping him recover the gold.

A long journey ensued out to a remote forest, with only one major event en route as they were ambushed by a party of Orcs and had a struggling fight! With victory, they set out and found the Orcs’ encampment, and Ludwig Charmed one of the Orcs to their side before the party slayed the remainder of them. Finding the hidden loot, they returned to their wagons and the trek continued.

As night drew in, they settled down to camp at the eastern edge of the forest. The following day they would reach their destination…

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